High School CPR

CPR and AED Use for schools- Part 1- Hands Only CPR

CPR and AED Use for schools- Part 2- AED Use

In 2012 Spokane County Fire District 4 partnered with local high schools to start offering hands only CPR and AED use to all freshman. Beginning with the 2013-2014 Washington State Legislature made it mandatory for CPR to be included in  at least one health class necessary for graduation. Spokane County Fire District 4 is proud to be on the forefront offering this life saving skill to our District's high school students. Since the inception we have had several reports of high school students prepared to give CPR to in real-life emergency situations prior to the arrival of the Fire Department and/or Ambulance. We provided CPR to Mt. Spokane High School, Riverside High School, Deer Park High School and Northwest Christian High School. We average 650 attending our trainings a year. One of our success stories, a 15-year-old who had just learned CPR on a Thursday saves her grandfather on the following Saturday with CPR.



Edith House

EDITH stands for Exit Drills In The Home, and this program is presented to 4th graders throughout the district.  The EDITH house is an actual full size trailer that resembles a camping trailer from outside, and a real house inside.  The kids visit the kitchen to talk about cooking safety, then they go to the living room to talk about candle/heater/fireplace safety.  The most exciting part of the tour happens in the next room.  In the “bedroom”, the students learn about checking for heat in closed bedroom doors, and about having two ways out.  A smoke detector will sound, and fake smoke begins to fill the room.  The heated door tells them they can’t go that way, so the window is used for escape.  There are firefighters outside to help the children get down safely, and then they meet at a “meeting place” to learn the importance of having one!

Risk Watch

Risk Watch is the name for the fire safety program in the elementary schools, and it encompasses many fire safety subjects.  The schools in Fire District 4’s area are offered in-class programs to Kindergarten and 2nd grade students.  Each program is tailored to the age of the children and includes subjects such as:

  • Calling 911 and knowing your address
  • If there is a fire, get out and stay out
  • Stop, Drop, and Roll
  • Don’t play with matches
  • How to crawl low under smoke
  • What to do if there is a fire at night


Other safety subjects include:

  • Bike Helmet safety
  • Seatbelt safety

Links to help children stay prepared for disasters:

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